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The above site shows how Gregore Sambor is being charged in the police department for what they did in the police
This move page tells of the move incident. But also speaks about how Gregore Sambor was on the police commesions and what he did.
The above site states one of Gregores quotes and talks about how it sparked a gun war before the bombing.,%20GREGORE&field=per&match=exact
This site is the New York Times account of Move, the first Paragraph has a Police Office Speaking of how he Felt when Gregore Sambor gave the orders, and on Gregore as a Police Commissioner.

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Gregore Sambor a police officer during the time the move bombing had taken place. He is one of the officers who had taken part in the water process, and the bombing. However, Gregore is being charged over thousands of dollars. Members that were in the move house have decided that they are pressing charges against certain police officers that had a lot to do with the death of other move members. Since Gregore was a member of that set of officers (however, he had never touched an move member) he went through the trial process as well as about fifteen other officers. Each one of the officers were on duty and participated in the acts. It was Gregore Sambor who decided that the package of explosives was to be dropped on the move house. He was the police commissioner at that time.
The decision not only affected the move members, but police officers as well. Gregore was only commissioner from 1984-1985. He is famous for the quote "Attention Move, this is America" those words started a what is said to be a 90 minuet gun war between police and move members. It is stated that,there was 1,000 rounds shot from police officers, and 500 or more from Move members in response. Each police officer as soon as Gregore Sambor announced it was clear to fire, shot until they were out of rounds.The decisions of Gregore Sambor, have effected hundreds of lives. Such as the move members, and other police officers. For example, it was Gregore's decision to drop the bomb, so he showed the move people that the cops were kidding around anymore. He also showed the police force that enough is enough. Gregore to some, is a hero, others he's an monster.